UCFER has started in Erode at June 2015. It has been another name at time. After that the name has been changed as “ User’s Commercial-Friendly Electronics Research and Development (UCFER) on FEB 2017. The Registered Name is UCFER. The First CMO (Chief Management Officer) of the company is  Mr.JIJO GEORGE. Now the Position has been changed as CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Now the CEO of the company is Mrs.Tharanya Dev.

In early stages of the company we have started with 4 members on Embedded System. The controller and Processor were used at time was 8051 , PIC Controller (8,16,32 Bit Controller), Wipro’s TI OMAP 4430, Texas Launchpad (Ex : MSP 432), ARM Controller and Processor(LPC, CORTEX Series) And etc ,. With these technology  they have did R and D works, project full completion and Prototype works. We have doing PCB Design, Networking Maintenance and Service, IoT Applications.

In 2016, We have started to buy a other company stocks.

In  2017, The Name Has changed as UCFER.   

In 2018  we have started our production on Luxury Living like Home Automation Products (Black Door, Black door extender, Pink Door, White door, Blue Door And Green Door).  After that some companies based on their Requirements PLC works were Happening still now. The PLC were used here are Siemens, Allen Brabley, ABB, Honeywell Process, Omron and Delta. Based on Customer requirement  HMI Projects were also doing here. After that MNC projects were taken and still we are doing those projects. Maximum We have doing for Malaysia and Singapore MNC’s. Instead of those we are doing in US, UK, Dubai and etc,. And In WisdomPack We are Providing Internship, Implant training, SDT(Skill Development Training), Facullty development Program, Industrial Training, Workshops and Etc. In the Jan 2018  International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR) Paper Was Published in the Project Name of Smart Bus and Smart Bus stops For Smart Indian Cities. In Mar 2018 International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) Journal Published in the Project Name of “ Sensor based LPG Gas Detection And Control”.

In 2019 We have Introduced the Luxury Living Products in Market. In the same year we have form the WisdomPack team. The WisdomPack team will do R and D works, Proto type works, School, College and Private Institutions MoU ( Educational MoU) . In the same year we are become as Industrial Mentor position in MHRD (Smart India Hackathon). In Jan 2019 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI) Conference Attend in the Projects name of “Smart Humility Monitoring System for Infectious Disease Control.  

In 2020 June We have formed the Team “ASKMyADS” Team. For the Purpose of Digital marketing service. In this We using  Amazon Platform Ad, Google Platform, Bing , Yandex , Duck  Duck  Go, Meta products, LinkedIn and  etc by those we are doing digital marketing. By using those platform We call it as PPC(Pay Per click), SEO (Search engine Optimisation), Social Media Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and etc. At the same year We have created “Listening Intelligence System” chatter bot using Artificial Intelligence. In Mar 2020 International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) journals published in The Project Name of  “House Hold  Solar Incinerator”.   

In 2021 We got Licence  Purchase from Amazon Sellers and Marketing , Google , Bing, Yandex and Etc. We have formed the “Accounts Finder” team. Here we are Proving Billing Software, Providing Helpdesk, GST filling, ITR filling, Business Registrations, FSSAI Registration, Start Up Registrations, Business loan Arrangements, Logo Registration and Etc. In the same year we have created “Digital Report shop”.  It is used for Website development, Mobile Application, Android TV application, Smart Watch Application Development. From this have done projects for 400+ clients and 650+ Projects. We Have Created “ Connecting Arts”. It is used to save a memories for Lifelong.

In 2022, We have launched new Advertisement platform “DailMart”. It is B2B and B2C  advertisement Platform.

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Ongoing Projects
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Black List Employees & Candidates
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Team Skill
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Award & Honors
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License & Certification
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  • Consultancy has taken and given.
  • Government Projects Has also Undergoing here. Mostly Singapore and Malaysia Govt project has going on.
  • C, C++ Programming Language
  • Angular JS , NODE JS , NODE RED
  • PhP, HTML , CSS , WORDPRESS and Python
  • Embedded C And Embedded System
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Design (VPN , VAN , LAN , Etc)
  • JAVA
  • JS JAVA Script
  • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)
  • 2018 – IIT Madras “ Best Technology  Award“ 
  • 2018 – Smart Home Expo at Bangalore
  • 2019 – MHRD Govt of India “ Industrial Mentoring”
  • 2019 – Inaugural Ceremony at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.
  • 2019 – Resource person of IoT Workshop
  • 2019 – 2k19 Integrated Network Devices Hands-on Workshop
  • 2019 – Guest Lecture at Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology.
  • 2019 – Smart Home Expo at Bangalore
  • 2021 – Guest Lecture in SNS College of Technology
  • 2020 – “International Association of Engineers”
  • 2020 – One Credit Course “ Internet Marketing”
  • 2020 – IoT Hands-on Workshop
  • 2020 – Chatter Bot Design Workshop
  • 2020 – Networking and IoT Hands-on Workshop
  • 2020 – Android App Development Hands-on Workshop
  • 2020 – IoT With Hardware Hands-on Workshop
  • 2020 – Smart Home Expo At Bangalore
  • 2021 – Digital Marketing Seminar and Demo providing At Kongu Arts and Science College
  • 2021 – Job Fair at Fire Bird Institute
  • 2022 – TN Start Up Awards
  • 2022 – Satellite Design Hands-on Workshop
  • 2022 – Smart Expo Event at Mumbai
  • Advance Embedded System Design (Wipro)
  • Advance Google Analytics (GOOGLE LLp)
  • CCNA Routing and Switching (CISCO)
  • Cyber Essentials – EN051 (CISCO)
  • GC ( Get Connected – CISCO)
  • Google Analytics For Power Users(Google LLp)
  • Google Tag Manager (Google LLp)
  • Introduction to cyber security – EN0517 (CISCO)
  • Introduction to IoT (CISCO)
  • Introduction to Data Studio (Google )
  • MAT Lab Programming And It’s Application
  • Master Digital Marketing (Google LLp)
  • Mobility Fundamental Series : Wireless Technology And Standards – 0317 (CISCO)
  • NDG Linux Essentials – 04/17 (CISCO)
  • NDG Linux Unhatched – 1116 (CISCO)
  • Packet Tracer – 101 1216 (CISCO)
  • The Fundamental of Digital Marketing (Google LLp)
  • Yoast ALL – Around SEO (Yoast)
  • Yoast Block Editors (Yoast)
  • Amazon Account Management Service (Amazon Seller Central Expect Services)
  • Introduction to WebRTC
  • SEO 2021 Completed SEO Training + SEO all Websites
  • Amazon Ads (POD PR)
  • Amazon Product Seller (Amazon Business)
  • Ionic – Build iOS , Android & Web Apps With Ionic & Angular
  • Data Science and IoT (Neural Global Private ltd.,)
Photos and Videos

Photo taken in 2021 when our company in Mumbai Head Quarters is expanding

In 2022, UCFER secured the 2nd position of favorite IT / BPO sector in Tamil Nadu cluster.

In2019, Our company specializes in home automation products for bungalow projects in more than 1700 locations in Singapore.

The picture was taken when I went to the industrial and Home Automation peace update in Mumbai in 2022

The picture was taken Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli. The program was organized jointly by UCFER & FORGE and it was held for 3 days (2023)

Picture taken in 2018 when a new branch was opened in Aditya campus

Picture taken in 2017, UCFER includes custom designed PCB and Embedded System Boards

2019 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI) · Jan 23, 2019

UCFER Personalized Robotics in Singapore launched in 2019

Our company was Industrial Mentor at the 7-day Smart India Hackathon in 2019, They came first and got a check for 1 Lakh.

In 2019, our company provided training on IoT to the college located at BIT, Erode

In 2019, The picture was taken when our company was conducting research for robotics in Singapore

In 2021, The picture was taken when the MOU was signed with SNS College, the person in the picture is our Coimbatore Branch Manager

Picture taken while attending Firebird Institute of Research in Management job fair in Coimbatore

In 2023, Picture taken while attending Chikkanna government arts and science college, Tiruppur, and Government job fair in Tiruppur. UCFER provided employment to 168 persons

The picture was taken in 2022 when he was the chief guest at a college function organized by Aditya Institute of Technology.

In 2022, Participants were exposed to the fundamentals of rapid prototyping. Managed Innovation Process and MUP-MVP-MVB (Minimum Viable Business) milestones which helped them with insights on converting their innovation into an investable startup. The participants understood the importance of entrepreneurial networks & ecosystems to collaborate and create new opportunities. Throughout the event, teams were mapped with the internal practitioners to get personalized support in rapidly prototyping their MUP concept.

In 2019, Picture taken while imparting skill development training (Home made PCB Design & Development) to 56 students of Adithya College, COimbatore

In 2020, A screenshot taken while doing research for automatic glucose monitoring at a famous hospital in India

The picture was taken while talking about industrial experience to more than 200 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science college students in 2019

In 2023, The picture was taken when the UCFER team was present at the Job fair organized by the Tamilnadu government of the Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode. UCFER provided employment to 173 persons.

In 2019, Picture taken while imparting skill development training (IoT) to 130 students of Adithya College, Coimbatore

Picture taken during working hours at our IT Team Mumbai HQ

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND DATA SCIENCE 2022 held at Forge & Kumaraguru College of Technology 125 students attended 3 months Computational Machines course from UCFER.

Picture taken in 2019 when UCFER went to the next level with new technology

KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology conducts Synergy'23 It was attended by more than 40 corporate leaders and the Coimbatore branch manager on behalf of UCFER encouraged the students.

The picture was taken when I went to the industrial peace update in Coimbatore in 2018

In 2016, UCFER installed PLC and related products for factories in Coimbatore.

2019 One Day Hands-on Workshop on "NETWORKING"

In 2019, The picture was taken when research and development was carried out in the gas line project for households in Singapore and the product was changed

In 2019, our company provided training on IoT to the college located at SRIT, Coimbatore

In 2019, Picture taken while our team was researching a residential gas connection project in Singapore

In 2023, Feb 25, our company provided 1 day Hands-on Session (Workshop) on Machine Learning AI and It's Application to the college located at Dr.N.G.P.Institute of Technology (Autonomous), Coimbatore, Department of AI&DS & CSBS

In 2021, our company provided 2 days training on Digital Marketing to the college located at Kongu Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Erode

In 2018, our company provided gate automation in kerala and mumbai circle.

The picture was taken when our company completed its 6th year and went to its 7th year

2022 online satellite design workshop was conducted in which all students of 3 schools and more than 48 college students participated.

In 2022, our company provided 3 days 1 credit course on Design Thinking to the college located at Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology (Autonomous), Coimbatore

In 2023, our company provided 1 day Management and Auditing Session to the college located at KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous), Coimbatore

In 2023, our company and Govt. Polytechnic College, Perundurai, Erode signed MoU, the person in the picture is our Coimbatore Branch Manager and Gudalur Branch Manager.

A picture taken when our employees working in Ooty were awarded the best employee of 2022 award

In 2022, our company provided 1 day guest lecture on E-Commerce Marketing to the college located at Adithya College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

Picture taken in 2019 when we conducted a 5-day industrial training on IoT and Embedded Computer Design at our institute located at UCFER, Coimbatore.

In 2018, The picture was taken while giving inplant training (Embedded Hardware Design) to students of Adithya College

In 2018, Picture taken while imparting Guest Lecture (IoT) to 55 students of GRG Polytechnic College, Coimbatore

Testimonial Videos


Mumbai Head Office:

273, Satra Plaza, Sector 19D, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 400705

Technical Team:

187, SREENIVASHA NAGAR, NSN Palayam, Mettupalayam Road, CBE- 641031, TN, IND

Marketing Team:

 S304, South Block, AIT Campus, Kurumbapalayam, Sathayamangalam Road, CBE- 641107, TN, IND.

CRM Team :

 12/820 A, first floor, Star complex, Near mukalel lap clinic, New Bus stand, Mysore road,  GUDALUR, THE NILGIRIS DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU 643212 IND.

Development Team:

 12/60B7B, Manguli, Gudalur Bazaar, Nilgiris, GUDALUR THE NILGIRIS DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU 643212 IND.