Poster Making Contest

Free Registration, Attractive cash prize & e-certificate Available

Registration Deadline 31 Dec 2022.
Theme – Digital Poster Ads

Contest Starts @01 Jan 2023
Contest End @ 30 Jan 2023


Steps to Upload Poster:

Step 1: Create your own poster for Dialmart with Watermark (ID Number).
Step 2: Post, Share or any method on your social media and tag dialmart.
Step 3: Take screenshot of shared post, Insights (For Instagram Users who having Public Account) at the end of 24 hours and also copy the post link.
Step 4: Upload it in google form.



Rules to make a poster:

1. DialMart “Logo” should be on the poster
2. DialMart should be “tagged” (@dialmart) on social media
3. Use the hashtag #dialmart


Need More Information:

1. You can use screenshot from DialMart app.
2. Poster size is your decision.
3. The poster should be related to Dialmart brand.
4. If you increase likes, comments and shares on social media, possible to win the contest.



Terms and Conditions:

1. The contest will run for 30 days and you must participate for at least 15 days.
2. Create 15 different posters for 15 days and share, upload it.
3. Don’t use others poster and don’t use same poster.
4. Share the poster on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
5. Sharing poster should tag with dialmart.
6. The prize money will be sent to your bank account for the winners of the competition.
7. We will not receive any payment from you for this contest.
8. e-Certificate will be given to those who participated.
9. Prize money and e-certificate will be given to winners and runners.
10. Competition result will be jury decision.
11. A minimum number of 15 posters should be upload.
12. You can participate as a team or as an Individual.
13. Per team allowed Max 4 Participants.
14. Winners and Runners are awarded to “Best Poster Maker and Social Media Promoter” and you will get an attractive cash prize and e-certificate.
15. We Provide Internship / Job Offers for Winners and Runners.
16. Age Limit 10 to 40 Years Old.
17. Don’t share your poster screenshot on WhatsApp or Email to us, Upload on goolge form.

This is a good opportunity to showcase your skills.
Support: +91 90254 10095 (or) +91 73588 87923 (or)
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